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I was fortunate enough to be able to access coaching with Nick through NHS England’s organisational development programme. Nick is a brilliant coach and within a few sessions was able to help me work out what was holding me back and guide me to learn to live my values, regain control, back my own judgement and give me tools to deal with any future challenges.  An unexpected but happy bonus from coaching was being able to apply what I had learned both in my professional and personal life, which has positively impacted my sense of self.

Nick helped me on a difficult journey at a critical point in my  life and career. He had perfect insight into my difficulties and  managed to get me to review the situation more objectively so that I could move forward. Nick’s sessions were thoughtful and  always enjoyable – I thoroughly recommend him!

I received four months of coaching from Nick and it was strategic, insightful and enlightening.  As a lead hospital consultant, navigating my way through COVID19, the ability to cultivate a thinking forum, of the kind Nick provides, has been invaluable.

Nick works on principles and through that, and the wisdom he has, was able to assist me in shining the light on those softer areas in my career, allowing me space to grow and evolve.

To my mind now, coaching is an absolute need and coaching with Nick, an absolute essential.  I would use his services again and will be recommending him highly.

Nick’s coaching programme was a remarkable experience. Maintaining the balance between listening to my stories and my concerns while continuously challenging me with incisive questions as well as broadening my horizon with fascinating literature. Nick is a caring professional who always put my interests first.

Throughout the process, he pushed all the right buttons to trigger profound reflection on my current position and my path going forward.

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