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One of the many tools we work with – particularly in a team context – is The GC Index®. It is both powerful and practical. It’s a measurement of our energy levels – our inclination – to make an impact through our commitment to a task or by generating ideas or through motivating and empowering people. It allows an individual to focus on their strengths without becoming bound up where they aren’t necessarily game changers.

There are 5 GC Index roles:

  • the Game Changer – someone with ideas/innovation/creativity – they can change the world
  • the Strategist – someone who can see the bigger picture – they can map the future. They will regularly ask “the why?”
  • the Implementer – someone who likes to build and develop – they love to get things done
  • the Polisher – someone who seeks excellence – they can be perfectionists and can really create competitive advantage
  • the Playmaker – the people person – someone who draws us together and empowers us. They see the possibilities of the team through collaboration

The GC Index provides a contemporary language and framework to understand our strengths, to appreciate how we can bring the most to our work and to our lives, and to realise how we can work effectively with other people.

By understanding how we can make the most impact, we can make the most difference.

The GC Index also provides a framework for executive leaders and team leaders to assess individual and team strengths as the basis for getting the most impact from people, individually and collectively.

I have with worked Nick as coach for my individual needs to become a better leader and have collaborated with him on a wider scale to improve our internal teams across the business.

Individual progress is relatively easy to measure, you can ‘feel’ it pretty quickly and Nick has an amazing way of getting you to find your ‘eureka’ moments. I was always sceptical of executive coaching in the past, but now I believe it is an absolute necessity for everyone (not just executives and managers) and Nick is right up there with the best.

Trying to change a group takes more commitment and trust of the process. What we were trying to achieve was a cultural change in the way individuals & teams worked and supported each another. The goal was “A rising tide lifts all boats”, Nick masterfully led the sessions by listening, probing and questioning and used the GC Index as a basis for the team development sessions. Feedback was extremely positive and quite soon into the project people starting using the same language, aligning to collective goals and supporting one another with care. This fostered a much more unified workforce and improved business results.


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