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One of the questions I’m asked is whether the GC Index can change over time. The answer is yes it can!

My initial GC Index scores in 2019 showed a strong proclivity for a Polisher – my score was 10. I was someone who had an obsession for getting things right. This was the lawyer in me. I also had a relatively high scores as a Game Changer and Strategist. Both are obsessive qualities linked to having lots of ideas or being very receptive to ideas and wanting to get them implemented in a game-changing way.  In leadership terms I am an inventive leader.

I repeated the Index in 2022 after a few years working as a coach. The changes in my energy levels and my focus are quite startling but are indicative of the changes I have made in my career.

ND: 2019

ND early 2022

My two strongest scores now are Playmaker and Strategist. My leadership style is still one of seeing opportunities – but now it is about the people at the centre and a role where I am facilitating, supporting, exploring and cajoling. I still have lots of ideas and am receptive to them, but I’m less inclined to want to build and develop them. I’m more than happy for others to do that, so it is important to have someone around me to do just that.

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