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The GC Index is very powerful in a team context.  Here are two examples of issues it can highlight for both the team and the team leader.

A – The Software Company

This company operates in an industry that is continually evolving, fast-moving and reliant on new ideas that it can translate into competitive advantage.

The team results show a significant number who are Playmakers (people oriented), a significant number of Polishers (focus is on getting it right) and a strong Game Changer energy (idea creation and innovation). However, there are very few Strategists (able to take the ideas, develop them and bring them to market) and there are only a small Implementers (the builders).

The potential problem: The team may have lots of ideas but may not have the energies and skillsets to put them into the strategic context of the market or build in ways that can deliver competitive advantage.

The challenge for Leader Team A is that his energies are very focused on Polishing (getting it right). And while he has a high Game Changer score and is receptive to ideas, he also does not have the Strategist or Implementer skills necessary to bring those ideas to successful fruition.

The potential solution: Team Leader A should look at bringing someone into the team with Strategist and Implementer skills – an individual who can build on the ideas, test their commercial value, bring a practical focus to development before passing them on to the Polishers.

B – The Manufacturing Company

This business has a revenue of £1.3bn so it is likely to be a very established business in its sector – making strong profits with very few competitors. If this is the case, and there are few obvious threats to the business, then the make-up of the team with 0% Game Changer proclivity and very small Playmaker proclivities does not present a real problem. The business needs, and has, a strong execution focus – Implementer and Polisher combined with a strong Strategist energy and aptitude.  Everyone knows what they are doing. They probably require little coordination and what coordination they do require is provided by the Team Leader B. It all points to a business in a steady state.

Team Leader B has an overall balanced score. The high scores in the Playmaker and Game Changer proclivities demonstrate an energy to respond to a changing competitive environment if needed. She would probably have the awareness to know that hiring in Gamechanger and Playmaker energies and skills would be necessary to ensure ongoing competitiveness.

In summary: The GC Index results confirm what the team will probably know already or should know. It allows the Leader and her Team to see the areas of both opportunity and deficiency and to plan a course of action.

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