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Two nights ago I went to my first Hot Yoga Basics session from before the lockdown. It was gruelling towards the end and that night I slept really well and felt great yesterday morning. I find yoga a time to think and it helps give perspective to my life. That simple thing of letting go – it’s so rewarding. I have pasted below a link to a short piece that was posted very recently on the Institute of Coaching site: 5 Ways We Can Exercise Self Care (For Ourselves, And For Our Clients)

If you don’t read anything else this weekend – read this piece. 5 Fellows of the Institute share new ideas on self care. I particularly like Lisa Christen’s thoughts: Like so many of our busy clients, it’s easy for us to accidentally prioritize the urgent matters that come up in our lives: the demands and deadlines from clients, the needs of loved ones, and so on. I’ve seen a huge shift in my efficiency, patience, and stress levels once I created a daily routine with the goal to restore my mind and body. For me, I changed my bedtime routine, added morning silence, and a brief mid-day meditation, and made a few nutritional changes and the effort has paid off immensely.

A friend of mine recently reminded me of the quote by John Lennon: Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans… And that’s the key point. Life happens around us and it makes a whole lot of sense to step back – just little things – and try and have a measure of control….

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